Saved By The Bounce was created with the vision of a party that is better than the pretentious VIP blocks at night clubs over charging for cover fees, drinks that cost an arm and a leg with everyone in the club sitting down on their phone the whole night. Yet, they still post well-lit photos on Instagram hashtag, #superLIT. Na, you just boring hoe.

Creators (LaFemmeMonet and DJs TRST & JOVITO) wanted to provide an environment where people can be themselves without judgment; a place where you can dance like a maniac and people will hype you up for it; all in a room that puts every flavor and color of people together for one cause: DANCE!

SBTB is more than just a 90s party: it's a movement. DJs TRST & JOVITO were raised listening to all genres of music, and with their experience in select clubs in NYC, they noticed a consistent trend between them all: the music being played and the type of clientele these clubs opened their doors to. Sense of entitlement has gone to people's heads and has destroyed the true purpose of partying.

SBTB was created in order to refill the soul of each and every person who attends the party, because the civilized lifestyle we now live in can be soul-draining and non-creative. We pride ourselves in creating an environment where dancers can go all out without limits, B-Boys/B-Girls can  show off some wicked moves, and boogie with a stranger and it will still be all love!

The music of SBTB is a major tribute to the golden eras of genres like Hip-Hop, Reggae, Funk/Disco, Miami Bass, New Jack Swing, Jive Dance, and Trap. Partying shouldn't stress you because of your pocket situation. It’s a stress reliever! We are bringing true parties back with the affordability attached to it. 

Hence, the name Saved By The Bounce.

SBTB Creators (left to right) Jeremy, DJ Jovito (@jovitobaybeh), Elyssa (@lafemmemonet), DJ TRST (@TRSTkills)

SBTB Creators (left to right)

Jeremy, DJ Jovito (@jovitobaybeh), Elyssa (@lafemmemonet), DJ TRST (@TRSTkills)